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Employee Experience Redefined

Until now most organizations have looked at Employee Experience in a very traditional way – asking ‘how are we doing’ – meaning how is HR doing and how are our leaders doing? This is super important and this focus needs to continue. But.. we have been largely missing the viewpoint of asking employees ‘How are you doing?’ to get at the root of what really matters most to your employees and what they need to do and be their best.

How are YOU doing

How are WE doing

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Nurture + Engagement

Hiring + Onboarding

Culture + Belonging


Pay + Benefits

Guidance + Efficiency

Appreciation + Impact


Learning + Development

Feedback + Improvement

Opportunities + Growth

How SAP SuccessFactors HXM can help

  • Standardize processes across teams, business units and countries
  • Simplify payroll technology and vendor relationship with SAP solutions based upon needs including in-house Cloud based solution (Employee Central Payroll) or an outsourced/partially outsourced model (Partner Managed Cloud) deployment
  • Re-Imagine Payroll processing to move away from batch processing models that provide limited visibility into Payroll for Leadership
  • Have full transparency into Payroll throughout the pay cycle
  • Drive cost savings and optimization with streamlined processes.
  • Flexible deployment models: In-House or Outsourced (Including partial outsourcing)

Let us create a tailored Experience for YOU!

We would love to talk about how we can provide an experience that is great for both you the employer and the employee.