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Grant terminated employees self-service access to Pay Slips & Year-end Tax Docs

Once terminated, employees lose access to their pay slips and W-2/T-4 tax documents. Our SAP SuccessFactors extension solves this gap effortlessly by emailing the personal address on file once an employee becomes inactive. They click the link and retain access to these critical documents.

Benefits and Features

Reduce HR workload and costs!

Without any intervention from HR – terminated employees will be automatically receive access to our online portal to download their pay slips and year-end tax documents. Our solution is 100% hands-off for HR. 100% elegantly simple for users.

Give employees a seamless off-boarding process

Our solution ensures that terminated employees receive secure login instructions to their personal e-mail immediately after their termination becomes effective in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. What’s simpler than automatically sending your employees a link before they even have to ask?

Save cost on stamps – stop mailing W-2s

Once your Payroll system has generated year-end tax documents (W-2s for USA, or T-4s for Canada) – your terminated employees have access to them instantly! No more printing, mailing, or worrying.

Refocus HR on Strategy – not Manual Processes

Every year, inactive employees call your HR desk asking for tax forms. Time spent on this activity does not further HR’s strategy nor vision. Our solution curates the documents directly to the employee and is reliably no-touch for HR. Get back lost time to strategize!

There is only one version of the application. All customers, big or small get the same great solution