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About Us:

We are OptimusHXM – an HR, Payroll, and Benefits focused global cloud-based Software & Service provider based out of Orlando, Florida.

Our story started from the inspiration to provide a better experience for everyone.

The Inspiration:

We’ve all heard companies tell us about how they can provide employees a better HR, Payroll, and Benefits Experience.

It’s great they’re thinking about the employees and their experiences, but who is thinking about YOU – the ones who are actually going to make it work?

It’s always “just implement these new products” or “buy this new service to fix all your problems”, and then you’re left with a bunch of expensive, shiny ‘solutions’ duct taped together.

We know better than that.

The Mission:

Our goal is to make everyone’s life easier by providing a better, more cohesive HR, Payroll, & Benefits Experience for BOTH the Employee and the Employers.

We combine SAP SuccessFactors with Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) for HR, Payroll, and Benefits in a fully integrated platform where you can perform most all of your Payroll, Benefits, and HR tasks.

Because it’s about more than just a great employee experience. It’s about your experience, too.

Our Values

We believe when we take care of our employees and our customers, we provide the best experience.

Let us create a tailored Experience for YOU!

We would love to talk about how we can provide an experience that is great for both you the employer and the employee.